International Journal of Experimental Dental Science

International Journal of Experimental Dental Science is a peer-reviewed international journal that aims to promote the exchange of research and experiments in dental science with high-quality paper publication in the journal. The basic idea is to encourage and focus on the fundamentals of clinical research in every aspect of dental science and its horizons. The journal further aims to provide a podium for knowledge transfer and publication of the clinical experiments in dental field.
The journal publish high-quality, peer-reviewed articles related to areas of original research, clinical experiments, laboratory research, case reports, reviews, book reviews, short communication and letters to the editor on all facets of dental science. The journal further aims to encourage the clinical practice, edification, endorses advancement of experiments and research related to different horizons of dentistry. The journal focuses to launch a platform for researchers, clinicians, academicians and research students to publish their innovative work. The journal spotlights on clinical research to facilitate researchers and scientists to share their ideas. The information and opinions presented in publication reflect the views of the authors, not those of the journal, unless so stated.